Oraljet Dual Voltage Oral Irrigator OJ-1200

(100 Volts-240 Volts)
Manufacturer: ORALJET

Oraljet Ultra Family Oral Irrigator  OJ-1200 / Dual Voltage 100-240V 



  • Cleans three times deeper than a toothbrush or dental floss removing plaque deep below the gumline. 
  • Ideal for cleaning braces, implants or other dental work
  • Perfect for removal of bacteria and plaque between teeth and below the gums, where the brushing alone can not reach
  • Massages the gums, leaving it strong and healthy



  • A unique combination of water pressure and pulsation
  • Emits 1,400 pulses of water per minute
  • Oraljet's most powerful model
  • It cleans bridges, braces, implants and other dental appliances.
  • It features a modern design with selectable water pressure in 10 intensities.
  • Water reservoir with lid, preventing leakage and keeping the unit clean and protected. 

Box contains: 


01 (one) ORALJET OJ-1200 Countertop -  Voltage (100 volts - 240 Volts)


10 tips:

04 Standard Tips, ideal for deep cleaning and plaque removal

04 Tongue cleaner with soft scraping action removes bacteria and sulfur compounds that reside on the tongue, causing bad breath, your daily use helps prevent halitosis 

01 Brush Tip Orthodontic - For orthodontic appliances and dental braces. Clinically proven to remove three times as much plaque when compared to traditional string flossing techniques and significantly improves gum health for orthodontic patients. The innovative tapered brush removes hard-to-reach plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires. It also helps flush out bacteria and food debris from around the teeth and under the gums.

01 Tip for periodontal pockets and furcations. A soft rubber tip designed for gentle, low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses below the gumline. Clinically proven to access 90% of a 6mm pocket.