Oraljet Cordless Water Flosser Oral Irrigator OJ-750

(100-240 Volts)
Manufacturer: ORALJET

Oraljet Cordless Water Flosser Oral Irrigator  OJ-750

Dual Voltage 100-240V 



  • Cleans three times deeper than a toothbrush or dental floss
  • Ideal for cleaning braces, implants or other dental appliances
  • Perfect for removal of bacteria and plaque between teeth and below the gums, where brushing alone can not reach
  • Massages the gums, leaving them strong and healthy
  • Rechargeable, batteries not required. Dual Voltage 110-220V
  • Ergonomically Advanced Design with anti-slip material
  • Control with 3 pressures: Low for sensitive gums, high for deep cleaning and pulse for focused flossing. 
  • Significantly more efficient than the dental flossing
  • Reduce gingivitis and improve gum health
  • Removes the bacteria that grows in difficult to reach places
    deep between the teeth and the gum line



  • A unique combination of water pressure and pulse rate
  • Emits 1,400 pulses of water per minute
  • ORALJET`s most powerful model
  • It can be used for cleaning bridges, braces, implants and other dental appliances.
  • Control with 3 pressures: Low to sensitive gums, high for deep cleaning and pulsing focused for cleanup
  • A reservoir that allows for easy removal for refilling
  • The reservoir can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Compact. Taking up a minimal amount of space 

Box contains: 


01 (one) ORALJET OJ-750 portable -  Voltage (100 volts - 240 Volts)


6 tips:

2 Standard Tips, ideal for deep cleaning and plaque removal. 

2 Tongue tips to clean and remove sulfur compounds that stick to the tongue.

1 Orthodontic tip for dental appliances such as braces.

1 Periodontal tip to clean periodontal pockets.